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How to Use Vine App On Android

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Android mobile phone customers: all the wait has ended finally. Twitter has at last launched their own famous video-sharing application Vine for you on Android os, letting a fresh users to participate on Vine along with their own iPhone-using buddies. Should you be experiencing a bit of dejavu, it is because of the photo-sharing application Instagram got an extremely identical background, starting with iOS supporting app only right before coming over to Android mobile phone and then rapidly catapulting towards the number 1 photo sharing social media network. Seems as though Vine will be the same rise and popularity as instagram, appealing to a lot of users and also hosting an array of superb video content.

In case you have obtained a good Android os device and so are thrilled for connecting along with your Vine-wielding buddies, here is how to use Vine on Android

Step 1: Get typically the Vine application through the Google Play Store. Ensure that which application you are downloading is actually coming from Vine Labs, Inc, and there is several fake app too!

step 1 vine-play-store

Step 2: Sign in to your Vine along with your own Twitter account if you don’t have one then create it.

step 2-vine-login

Step 3: Go through the video camera icon at top right to start recording your 1st Vine video clip.

step 3-vine-feed

Step 4: Frame your own video clip subject matter on the screen and also press the main display screen when you wish to start recording your video, release the button at the time you would like to stop the video, or wait till the vine progress bar is filled and Finish button appeared.

step 4-record-vine

Step 5: check preview of your video,  if it not the way you want then again make a video and if its exactly as you want then post it by clicking the Next button on the screen.

step 5-discard-video

Step 6: Add a nice caption one your Vine video and choose whether you would like to post it on Vine/Twitter or even both.

step 6-add-caption

Step 7:  Simply click on the top right corner bottom to post your own Vine video clip.

Your are done now! now you can follow your friends, like their Vines, and re-vine their vines too. Enjoy Buddy!